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A Crimson Warning

Lady Emily #6

Newly returned to her home in Mayfair, Lady Emily Hargreaves is looking forward to enjoying the delights of the season as defined by her own eccentricities—reading The Aeneid, waltzing with her dashing husband, and joining the Women’s Liberal Federation in the early stages of its campaign to win the vote for women. But an audacious vandal disturbs the peace in the capital city, splashing red paint on the neat edifices of the homes of London’s elite. This mark, impossible to hide, presages the revelation of scandalous secrets, driving the hapless victims into disgrace, despair and even death. Soon, all of London high society is living in fear, and Emily must uncover the identity and the motives of the twisted mind behind it all before another innocent life is lost.

"Enchanting...Alexander keeps readers guessing to the very end."—Publishers Weekly

"The mystery and the solution are clever, with the addition of commentary on the dark side of a class-driven society for extra oomph. Fans will be excited to spend more quality time with such appealing and intelligent characters."—Library Journal

"A Crimson Warning is the sixth book in the Lady Emily Mystery series and hands down the best thus far.  What makes Tasha Alexander’s books so compelling is not just the cleverly constructed mysteries but her deep understanding of Victorian society, the rules and regulations, and just how far one can go before one is considered beyond the pale."

"...another masterpiece from Tasha Alexander."--Paperback Dolls

"...delightful."--The Denver Post

"Deliciously page-turning fun."--Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

"With Emily embodying the feminist ideals and sleuthing instincts of Amelia Peabody (Emily joins the Women’s Liberal Federation to scandalize her mother), this historical mystery should appeal to fans of Elizabeth Peters."--Booklist

"The story is laced with humor, yet horrifying.... Alexander's lively command of her material and her narrative grows stronger book to book as she finds Emily's voice and Emily finds her unconventional way in a convention-bound society. Great fun and in its way tied to the Murdoch scandal!"--Barbara Peters, The Poisoned Pen

"Emily continues to evolve in each novel, and Alexander skillfully handles those changes in a realistic way."--Chapter 16

"(Alexander) does a fantastic job of weaving together interesting characters with a mystery to keep you wondering what secrets are buried deep in the closets of high society. If you like a little mystery mixed with your historical fiction, Tasha Alexander will not disappoint."--Bookreporter

"Tasha Alexander has created Victorian London's most colorful and delightfully eccentric sleuth.  Anglophiles and fans of the well-plotted historical mystery will be charmed by Lady Emily - and will thoroughly enjoy A CRIMSON WARNING!" —Jacqueline Winspear, New York Times bestselling author of the Maisie Dobbs Series

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