Lady Emily Series Book 5


Returning from her honeymoon with Colin Hargreaves and a near brush with death in Constantinople, Lady Emily convalesces at her mother-in-law's beautiful estate in Normandy. But the calm she so desperately seeks is shattered when, out riding a horse, she comes upon the body of a young woman whose wounds are identical to those inflicted on the victims of Jack the Ripper. Pursuing a trail of clues and victims to the beautiful medieval city of Rouen and a crumbling chateau in the country, Emily is forced to match wits with a brilliant and manipulative killer. Only her courage, keen instincts and formidable will to win can help her escape descending into madness and becoming his next victim.

"Along with swift narrative and impeccable research is Alexander's commitment to understanding the place women held in the culture and era—no 21st century transplants here...You don't get cheap veneers of history from Alexander; you get a great story and a heroine you admire—and a sense of the women who really did change history 100 years ago." —Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

"Tasha Alexander’s clever dialogue, along with her convincing period detail, brings life to her story and showcases the breathtaking beauty of the Normandy countryside. Considering its incomparable setting and irresistible characters, Lady Emily’s fan club is sure to grow by leaps and bounds with DANGEROUS TO KNOW."—Bookreporter

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